Chiral Technologies, Inc. offers two types of services to help you identify an appropriate method to separate target compounds — Column Selection and Method Development/Optimization.

Column Selection

We will screen your sample, free of charge, to expediently identify a column/mobile phase combination for the separation of your molecule. Several mobile phase components are varied to cover non-polar, polar and water-compatible solvents. Upon completing the screening you will receive our column recommendation and pertinent chromatography parameters to help you start your separation project.

Method Development/Optimization

If you are faced with a challenging separation, we are confident that we will find the chromatographic method best suited for resolving your racemic mixture. We screen your compound and optimize the separation for you by employing our vast selection of chiral phases with all possible mobile phase combinations, thereby identifying the best chromatographic protocol.

LCMS-compatible mobile phases are included in the column selection service if requested. To provide you with finding a separation method appropriate for your compound, you can fill out the Column Selection Questionnaire and fax to us at 610-594-2325 or contact us at

Chiral Technologies Column Selection Questionnaire

Column Selection Questionnaire

Download the questionnaire

The column selection service is performed under strict confidentiality with a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) being executed, when necessary, prior to the commencement of the project.

Method Development Strategies

Chiral Technologies has recently developed comprehensive Screening Strategies — covering both immobilized and coated CSPs, and protein-based stationary phases for those customers who prefer to carry out custom method development in-house. The Screening Strategies guide you in a decision making process to select the most appropriate combination of CSP, mobile phase, and chromatography mode, that will be effective in separating your compound.

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To learn more about our method development, click on one of the screening strategy guides below.







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