image showing science equipment
image showing science equipment

A legacy of innovation

Daicel established the chiral chromatography industry nearly 40 years ago and we continue to lead the industry with new technologies and products. We are consistently first to market with innovations that achieve separations not previously possible.

image showing scientists viewing a monitor

Quality that delivers value

Daicel HPLC and SFC chiral columns are designed and engineered to last, delivering consistent performance for many years. This ensures a lower total cost of ownership and helps avoid costly and time-consuming method re-validation.

image showing monitor with graphical data

Solving complex challenges

Our expertise in chiral chromatography is unmatched. Our technical support team has the experience to resolve even the most difficult separation challenges. They can provide an effective method to meet your needs, no matter how complex.

map of locations for Daicel Chiral Technologies

We are where you are, with Daicel Chiral Technologies locations in key regions ready to help you achieve optimal results.