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Zwitterionic Selectors

Chiral Technologies expanded its extensive portfolio of immobilized stationary phases to include two novel zwitterionic chiral stationary phases, CHIRALPAK® ZWIX(+) and CHIRALPAK ZWIX(-). The CHIRALPAK ZWIX selectors were developed for separation of a great variety of zwitterionic molecules, bearing wide functional diversity, and specifically, for separation of underivatized amino acids.

Chiral Technologies 3D red, grey and white stick-and-ball structuresThe ZWIX selectors are zwitterionic molecules that incorporate both anion- and cation-exchange functional groups. These novel ZWIX selectors exhibit exceptional enantioseparation capabilities toward zwitterionic molecules such as amino acids and peptides. Functionality of the ZWIX selectors, their features and benefits, and their applications for analysis of underivatized amino acids are described in a detailed brochure and a poster presented at HPLC 2012. Examples of enantioseparations and analyses of underivatized amino acids and small peptides are listed in our Technical Library.

The ZWIX chiral selectors are immobilized on 3-µm silica gel.

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Chiral Technologies ZWIX brochure

ZWIX Brochure

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Chiral Technologies ZWIX poster

ZWIX Poster

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The zwitterionic chiral stationary phases, CHIRALPAK ZWIX(+) and CHIRALPAK ZWIX(-), exhibit enantioseparation capabilities toward chiral amino acids and peptides. Peptide analyses, specifically impurity monitoring, have become critical in discovery and development of peptide-based target drugs.  Use of the ZWIX stationary phases can help accelerate the development of target peptides.

Chiral Technologies application note

Application Note

Describes the separations of di- and tri-peptides utilizing CHIRALPAK ZWIX stationary phases.




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