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Custom Services

Enantioselective chromatograpghy is the fastest method to obtain pure enantiomers. Chiral Technologies provides the rapid and cost-effective way to obtain pure enantiomers for pre-clinical and clinical studies to commercial production.

Separations of compounds are carried out globally in the state-of-the-art facilities at scales ranging from milligrams to hundreds of kilograms to metric tonsĀ  to meet all separation needs. Customers benefit from our free-of-charge compound screening, efficient project management with dedicated technical support and expedient project turnaround times.

Operating globally, Chiral Technologies offers the following advantages:

  • Separation capabilities in all major market areas, ensuring local access to our technology
  • Data/process transfer to Daicel facilities worldwide
  • Single point of contact for project management

Case studies of semi-preparative and preparative chiral separations

Our worldwide facilities and their capabilities

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Analytical Services

SmallTab(LargeScale)DaicelĀ Chiral Technologies India offers Analytical Method Development and Validation for the pharmaceutical industry.



Preparative Separations

Preparative SeparationsChiral Technologies provides access to pure enantiomers of targeted compounds at scales ranging from milligrams to metric tons for all stages of clinical development to commercial production.