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SMB is used for larger scale separations, typically starting from a few kilograms of racemate. Although the development of a SMB process takes longer than that for HPLC or SFC methods, SMB systems use both chiral stationary phases and mobile phases much more efficiently, resulting in a higher production rate and lower solvent consumption. Chiral Technologies’ global capabilities allow SMB separations to be carried out under cGMP.

Method Development

SMB is the process used for the production-scale chromatographic purification of enantiomers. The separations developed for small-scale SMB units can be used with a high degree of reliability to predict the performance of the production units. Chiral Technologies offers an SMB method development service, which utilizes Daicel’s proprietary CSP library for sample screening, intended for large-scale production, to determine the optimum conditions for SMB separations.

Using the data generated, computer simulations are run to obtain a first estimate of production costs to determine if the process could be economic. A small-scale, bench-top unit is used to confirm the computer predictions and to finalize the optimization experimentally. These results allow to accurately predicting the operating parameters of a production-scale SMB unit. Finally, a pilot-scale separation is run using larger scale SMB units.




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