The CHIRALPAK IJ chiral selector is the immobilized version of CHIRALPAK OJ and represents a significant improvement over the coated OJ stationery phase, offering greater solvent versatility, robustness, and loading capacity.

sub-2 µm Chiral Columns

Driven by the need for increased productivity in the lab, Daicel Corporation has introduced the first sub-2 µm immobilized chiral columns, CHIRALPAK IA-U, CHIRALPAK IB-U, CHIRALPAK IC-U, CHIRALPAK ID-U, CHIRALPAK IG-U, and CHIRALPAK IH-U.

80U82 CHIRALPAK IA-U 1.6 3.0 50
80U83 CHIRALPAK IA-U 1.6 3.0 100
81U82 CHIRALPAK IB-U 1.6 3.0 50
81U83 CHIRALPAK IB-U 1.6 3.0 100
83U82 CHIRALPAK IC-U 1.6 3.0 50
83U83 CHIRALPAK IC-U 1.6 3.0 100
84U82 CHIRALPAK ID-U 1.6 3.0 50
84U83 CHIRALPAK ID-U 1.6 3.0 100
87U82 CHIRALPAK IG-U 1.6 3.0 50
87U83 CHIRALPAK IG-U 1.6 3.0 100
89U82 CHIRALPAK IH-U 1.6 3.0 50
89U83 CHIRALPAK IH-U 1.6 3.0 100


Sub-2 µm columns provide ultrafast separations which speed-up initial drug discovery and enable rapid high-throughput screening and method development. These columns are designed to be used with Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) systems to achieve ultrafast and high-resolution of enantiomers.

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Achiral Columns

As your chromatography methods advance from HPLC to SFC, your chromatography columns should improve as well. Daicel introduces two novel columns to help you find new and enhanced results for your achiral separations.

DAICEL DCpak® PBT can separate a broad range of compounds and structural or positional isomers. The DCpak PBT column, based on poly butyl terephthalate, has also been used to separate cis/trans-isomers and aromatic substitutional isomers such as flavonoids, caffeine derivatives, and terpenes. Tests have shown these columns offer high molecular shape retention for low polarity samples.

DAICEL DCpak P4VP columns offer significant advantages over commercial 2-ethylpyridine columns. This poly (4-vinylpyridine) based SFC column provides higher resolving power, combined with superior durability compared to 2-EP, and is effective at separating basic and acidic compounds without additives such as acids, bases, and salts.

Chiral Technologies Development of Boron-containing Therapeutics presentation custom services
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Chiral Technologies Development of Boron-containing Therapeutics presentation custom services
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Recently, many kinds of HILIC-type columns with various functional groups have been developed, and many applications have been reported in the glycomics, proteomics and metabolomics field.

DAICEL’s DCpak PTZ HILIC-type column, developed with a new tetrazole functional moiety on the surface, offers stronger retention ability for hydrophilic compounds and superior molecular shape recognition.

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