Column Selection

With over 25 years of experience developing chiral chromatography methods, for analytical and preparative separations, we are trusted by our customers to provide the best product and best separation, tailored to their project needs.


If you are setting up an SFC, LC or ultra-fast chiral screening system and would like guidance in choosing the best columns, we can discuss and recommend the optimum set of columns that you will need (based on your system and requirements). Click here to contact us for help.

FREE Method Development

If you would prefer to outsource the method development, we can screen your compound for FREE and provide you with our recommendations for columns and conditions. SFC, HPLC, Normal Phase, Reversed-Phase, and Mass-Spec compatible methods are all possible and performed under a confidentiality agreement (if required).

To start your FREE Method Development contact your local office:


Europe, Middle East, and Africa


For those of you who prefer to carry out custom method development in-house, click here to view our comprehensive Screening Strategies.


If you plan to run a preparative chiral project at your facility, you can use our screening service to help you find the best prep column and conditions for your project. We would be happy to advise you based on your system requirements.

As the company that developed Polysaccharide-derived Chiral Stationary Phases and Immobilized Chiral Stationary Phases, we provide the most extensive selection of stationary phases and columns available. In combination with the most experienced chiral chromatographers, we can ensure that you are provided with a productive, cost-effective method.

Click here to contact us for this service.

We can also run your Preparative project from grams to kilos to tons at convenient locations, worldwide. Please click here to learn more.




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